Below is my Introduction on the Stage32 website. I may have said to much, or maybe not enough, i get the two confused.

My intro is in italics, so everything below this sentence.


Pretty much sums it up really.

Ha ha i jest :)

I’m a writer, i write stuff, a book or a few short film scripts, which i happen to be working on right now actually, of course i have to many ’cause as usual i stretch myself to thin. Would be nice to get a few made, hint hint wink wink ;P

Anywhoo, i live in North London, Somewhere between Archway and Barnet (Assuming you know where they are). A few of my shorts are very short, a few minutes at best, others around the 15 minute plus mark, and would need a crew, and actors and stuff. You know the deal…?

I feel like i need to say more, as i haven’t really said anything yet. I’m 35 i work full time as a security guard in a woman’s shoe boutique, DON’T YOU LAUGH! It’s okay i guess, i see lots of rich people. Met Kelsey Grammar the other week, big guy, baby strapped to his chest………. So i would much rather do my own thing, but as my own thing doesn’t really pay i do security. I secretly hate it.

I have a bunch of short film scripts as i said, i have three in my projects page on my profile, if you wonna take a gander, and i’ll be adding more as i, make sure they don’t suck to much.

I’d like to direct them myself, no real experience in directing other people, i’ve directed myself lots, i’m great, take it from me ;P But you gotta start somewhere, right, RIGHT?

As i grow a pair i’ll be looking for producers for these projects, or one for all depending on what kinda deal i can get, 2 for 1?

Feel free to check me out, go to my profile and you’ll find links to such sites as Google+, Twitter, Vimeo and my blog ‘HeadTripChronicles’ it’s great, i’m great, you’ll love me. I don’t have a criminal record, well nothing worth checking out……..

And people say i talk to much, pfft.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far, if you did……….?
Comment the word ‘galifianakis’ to prove it.

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