No Work Monday…

Usually it’s great, because i don’t get that monday morning feeling that most everyone else gets. I just get to wake up at 10am and not worry about going to work. The thing is, and this isn’t just exclusive to mondays, is that everyone else does work on a monday, like the contractors next door, who are doing some drilling right now. The drilling is close enough to my house, it’s walls an all, that it feels like they are trying to drill into my house, the noise is painful and when i’m trying to write something, very distracting. But i can’t go around there and ask them to stop. It’s a monday, most people are at work, and they are just doing their job.

But it is annoying. Grrrrrr.

Thankfully they stopped shortly after i wrote that first paragraph. And i was able to get back to writing, and 2536 words later and i’m ready to stop for the day. I’m writing a large, lengthy action scene at the end of the book and i figured it won’t matter if i stop during it.

I really want to finish this book, mostly so i can say;


But also because i want to start another one, or at least get the outline written up before i start the edit on that first one. And the two books are very different, in that one is a crime, action novel, pretty simple really, but it’s a first novel, i’m just seeing if i can write something simple. To then got to something Epic, i’m a fool to try i guess. It’ll be a fantasy type book, i see it being held firmly by the hands of reality, but with a few fantasy elements thrown in there to extra……. um, i don’t know what, i’m new leave me alone.

It’s about a young boy, a farmers son who is taken by a local lord to fight in a war far away. The series is named after a blog i write awhile back, not because it has anything to do with that blog, i just love the title of it ‘Of Wolves and Crows and Broken Bones’ i even have the metafore that title will be use in. The first book, yes, the first book as i foresee a few, will be called ‘The Watchtower’, the hero of this work will be someone you come to hate, or at least dislike, not because he is a bad person to begin with, but because that is what he becomes during this war. And as he come to realise what he has become he can’t face his family or friends when the war is over. He is ashamed and leaves, crosses an ocean to try to escape what he has become.

This is a project i need to put more then my usual amount of thought into. That’s not to say i don’t put a lot of though into this stuff, i do. But this one needs MORE MORE MORE.

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