What My Writing Environment Has Become.

This is how it goes.

At first i just turned down the volume on my phone, but it was still distracting.

Then i put it on silent, but the vibrate alert became annoying.

So i started putting the phone on my bed, hoping that the pillows or the duvet would dampen the noise the vibrate gives off, but i could still hear it.

I played my (writing) music a little louder, but could still hear the phone vibrate on my bed.

I turned off the vibrate alert and put the phone on silent, but the screen lights up every time i get a notification, which i also found distracting.

The thing is, every time my phone cries out i have to give it some attention, i can’t help it, i just automatically reach out for it, even if it’s just the screen flashing on with an eMail alert.

So now i have the phone on silent the vibrate alert is turned off and i flip the phone over so i can’t see the screen. And i wear headphones.

My phone is now silent and un-intrusive. But sometimes i forget what i did to it and wonder why my phone isn’t giving me alerts anymore. First i blame apple, then i blame the phone, then i blame my network provider, then i blame the phone again, then i shout expletives to my phone, like;


Then i remember what i did;

_Oh yeah._

I reset everything back to _”normal’_ and pretend that i didn’t just lose my temper with my phone because i’m an idiot.

#WriteWriteWrite   #ABetterWritingEnvironment   #CanIChangeTheWordsAirplaneModeToWritingModeOnMyPhone

My writing music right now, for this project is the _The Bourne Series_ soundtracks. It gets my in the mood to write this thriller.

#MusicToWriteBy   #Bourne   #MoodMusic

[Disclaimer: my “Out burst” to my phone is not a license or an open invitation for you apple haters to post stupid anti-apple-iphone comments below. If you do, you’re proving one thing and one thing only. That you’re a dick. Save that stuff of posts about that subject]


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