Everything has Changed.

HTCChange, usually a good thing, right?

I’ve have accounts on networks like Twitter and facebook and Vimeo and youtube and Google + that are all based around my work, and not me personally.

I’ve always used the names Grifter Films or Fisk Films Ltd. But now i’ve started to dislike those names. My blog however i like the name of, it’s weird.

The Twitter account @GrifterFilms is gone, renamed HeaD TriP ChronicleS.

The Facebook page Grifter Films is now Head Trip Chronicles.

The Vimeo account Grifter Films is now Head Trip Chronicles.

The Google+ page Grifter Films is now Head Trip Chronicles.

The Youtube channel Fisk Film Ltd (Grifter Films) is now……….. well it’s still that same as it can’t be changed. Unlike every other site :(

Notice a trend?

Making all these changes to sites and their URL’s is nice because now everything fits together better, all based around my blog, here. And it better defines me across the web, make me easier to find, yudda yudda yudda…

I started to make these changes and only after i did so i realised that i’ll have to go to other site where i’ve linked to them and change those links. Of course i can’t really remember all of them, some i haven’t used in so long i removed the bookmarks, but i guess if i don’t use them any more what does it matter, right?

And then i realised something else. The mobile apps also need to be updated, as some will now fail to connect with the old URL’s *sigh*.

You decide to make what you thought was going to be a small thing, to make your online stuff fit together better and what it actually does is give you a shit ton of work to do to make it all fit together.

Anyway, it’s all done now, so i can quit it and go make a cuppa.

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