Lets Start On A Good Note Shall We. And End On A Sour.

First i guess i should start this post on a good note.

In 2012 i read something like 24 books. Basically averaging two books a month, but that only counts for books read from March 2012. And reading the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire‘ series has taken up a large portion of that reading, usually taking about a month to read one. There are five, still working on the fifth.

Once they’re done though i should be back on track to reading two or three books a mouth. I always read my Kindle on my way to work and on my way home from work, and during my breaks. That gives me around three hours of read time five day of the week. Then i like to have a paperback sitting on my desk at home, something i can give an hour or two a day too. Meaning that i’m usually reading two books during the same time period. And no i never get the story’s confused.

Thing is i have tons of books to read. Yet i still keep buying more. Take yesterday for instance.  I bought with some Amazon gift cards;

Die Trying: (Jack Reacher 2). By Lee Child.

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth. [All in a single book]. By Leo Tolstoy.

The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell To Arms, The Torrents Of Spring. By Ernest Hemingway

Carrie, Salem’s Lot, The Dead Zone, The Stand, Night Shift. By Stephen King

That’s twelve books to add to the already over flowing book case i have. I’m at a stage now where i need more space for books and so need to redecorate my room, ‘sigh‘. I hate redecorating.

And as i write this another author has come to my mind. Jack London. Great now i need to make a Jack London list, i have a few of his books, ‘White Fang‘ and ‘Call of the Wild‘. But such as i am, i need to own them all. This mentality puts a strain on shelf space.


So this, i guess, brings me to the bad, miserable note.

This time of year always depresses me, it get grumpy for no good reason. Well none that i can work out anyway. I hate dislike my job, that being security, i keep trying to find something else but can never find anything that i can actually do, i want something local, i hate even more that i have to travel into the city, to commute is that cruel joke played on us for wanting a well paid job. The better paying jobs are in the city, so we endure the tedium of buses and tubes (Underground/Subway), listening to other people conversations either with someone else on the buses or on there phone with someone we can’t see, yet can hear them over the phone because the volume setting is so freaking loud. People putting their knees up against the back of your seat so you can feel two lumps in your back the whole fucking trip. If you ask them to put their knees down, you’re the asshole. I write a blog a long time again called ‘It’s all about the seats‘, in this blog/story i pull out a shotgun to clear a path so i can leave a tube station with out having to bump into people, or even escape the tube car itself. People tend to think that because the train has stopped and the doors are opening that that is their cue to step on in, that huge mass of people standing facing the doors, are just doing that to be difficult, they don’t really want to get off the train. In London you have to learn to get off of a tube train (I’m sure this is true of any big city with a mass transit system) while other are trying to get on. The polite way is to keep saying “excuse me” over and over until you’re free. A more fun way is to shout as loud as possible to the nearest soul “MOVE!” and then of course the hands on approach, just start pushing people out of your way while saying “Make a hole“. This kind of thing makes me hate people (Lots of people in a single place). It’s even worse when you have to do similar things on a street because it’s so packed. How many times have people nearly bumped into me because they were more concerned about what’s on their phone then what right in front of them. I usually just shout “EYES UP NUMB NUTS!”. Then of course there is the job itself. On your feet for eight and a half hours. Slowly walking around a small store. I walk so slow that my knees are locked most of the time, this is starting to screw up my right knee, two old injuries playing up. Both older then twelve years, both have never given me this much trouble before. I tell my managers and what do i get, “Huh“, i guess as long as i can do the work they don’t give a shit. But if i ring up and say my knee is busted and i need to go see a doctor, they’ll be pissed that i can’t do the work, not concerned that my knee is screwed up. Well that’s the impression i get anyway. I do nothing most of the day, and the days are long because of it, my brain gets so befuddled that i forget how to speak properly, i make a sound and my lips fail to separate properly. And by the time i get home my cant’ be bothered to write i’m so mentally drained. Weird that you can get like that even though you haven’t been doing anything. I guess if you think of the brain like a muscle, if you stop using it, it grows weak and flimsy, then useless. Like my brain feels every night. Then all i want to do is sit infront of the tv and watch repeats of top gear and QI.

Okay moaning over.

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