Raven Blackwater.

[Edit – 14 Dec, 2013]

So after a week and a bit of trying t figure out this story i finally broke and wrote something. I finished chapter three with a respectable 1,847 words.

Make that 3,150 in total for today. I started chapter four.

[Edit – 31 Dec, 2012]

I finished chapter one just now (13:08) writing 1,747 words, giving chapter one a total of 2,606. Not bad, i need to play with it a little but i think it’s be fine for now. I went far darker then i expected to go with this, i needed to make a point, for why she is feared. I just went, maybe to far, i don’t know, i guess i’ll see one i put the book out to be proof read. I mean this was never going to be a book for children. And on page five i make sure of that.

So right now i get some things to do, so i’ma go do them and maybe i’ll come back later and get started on chapter two.

[Edit – 30 Dec, 2012]

Later that same day.

I have just written the first two pages of this book. The all important opening, the thing that is supposed to capture the reader and keep them interested while you unfold them story and develop the characters. As openings go, it’s ain’t to bad. if i do say so myself. I pantsed it. I knew how i wanted to start it and just started to write, no real idea of where i was going, the words ‘Here she is safe’ kept popping up. And i think it gets a general idea of the main characters feeling through. Maybe, once i’ve played with it a bit i’l post it and let guys see it. Or maybe i’ll wait until i have the first chapter written out. We’ll see.

The cover artwork below isn’t the original, it’s had a few tweaks. The title lettering is a little bigger with a thin white stroke (outline) and a drop shadow. Not keen on drop shadows but it seems to work, so there you go.

I wrote 859 pages in a very short space of time. Hoping the rest of the book moves at the same pace. Yeah i know won’t but i can dream can’t i. Can’t i?

This is a supernatural thriller.

Raven Blackwater isn’t her real name just one given to her by her doctors. Her mother never made contact after dropping her off and when they tried to find her, they couldn’t. She’d disappeared. several months later a she was found, living a new life on the other side of the country, new husband, new life. And no indication she had a child.

Her doctors then decide to make Raven disappear also, her records end with her death. The pathologist said she’s drowned in her bathtub. Her doctors identified her because her mother could not be contacted. Raven Blackwater was the alternate name given to her by her doctor. Named for her hair, it’s raven black, and the method of her “death”, water.

Why did her doctor want to do this? Raven exhibits certain abilities, she can move objects with her mind. And sometime predict a thought, this is however, undefined as it doesn’t always happen. Whether Raven is holding back or not is also undetermined. They wanted her, her mother disappearing and forgetting her made this happen. She is now in a different part of the hospital. A part kept off the official books.

But if Raven Blackwater is still alive, who did they find drowned in her room?

Below is concept artwork of the cover;

Concept artwork

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