I’m Done Writing For Today.

HTCSo, today i watched a film, The Grey, good film, totally underrated in my opinion. I lazied about, did nothing for the best part of the morning and early afternoon.

Then at…….. sometime, i started my research, meaning i sat here and read off of my computer screen looking for useful bits of information i could use in the rest of chapter two of Raven Blackwater.

This information was found and used. I managed to finish chapter two after adding 1,901 words to it. I know have thirteen pages of book behind me. No idea how long it’s going to be though so that small number doesn’t really mean much. Except it’s thirteen pages i don’t have to write.

Is it just me or do all writer spell out number instead of just using the number itself? Thirteen or 13?

I’m not superstitious are you. Then shut up.

I think Blackwater is going well so far, i might of added a few things that could have waited a bit to come out, but i can fix that later in an edit if needs be.

I also added a bit more to Writing Blind: The Secret to Avoiding Traffic Related Metaphors, i still love that title, i didn’t really look at the word count the page count or my daily word count, because that doesn’t matter for this project. My early life is pretty vague so i can’t imagine it’ll be very long. Once i start working i remember more. And then it’ll thicken up i think.

Read bottom to top;

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 19.53.49

I posted that to twitter right before coming here to write this.

Now i’m done writing.

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