Start 2013 As You Mean To Go On.

How did you start 2013?

I started with a cup of tea, head deep in some kind of book related work. Right now i’m trying to create a good looking cover of another book. A continued work in progress kind of deal called;

Writing Blind: The Secret to Avoiding Traffic Related Metaphors.

Yeah, bit of  mouth full that one, should be good though. Of course that sub title is a joke. But i thought it sounded funny when a friend “said” it to me. Thanks for that Brooke.

It’s a book about me, yes i’m that self absorbed that i’m starting a kind of auto biographical book now, while i’m still a no one who is inexperienced in the ways of publishing a book. I guess it all goes well, you’ve ride with me down the lonely road. But not next to me, more like you’ll be floating above me, like in a video game. Except you can’t control me. Just watch as i narrowly avoid traffic accidents and stall my vehicle.

I’ve just started writing a new project called Raven Blackwater, i won’t post an image, there is a link to the right of this post.

I started 2013 in front of my computer, creating a cover of a book, typing out this blog post, thinking about both book projects. Being creative on three levels at once. This is how i started 2013, and this is how i intent to continue 2013 and beyond. Start as you mean to go on baby.

Sure having two writing projects at once isn’t such a good idea. The things is one is creative fiction, the other non fiction. Where i’ll be tapping in my creative juices daily to write one book. I’ll be tapping into my past to write the other. I wan’t one finished and published by the end of the year. The other in a work in progress and will most likely not be published in my life time. My success as a writer will determine that. If i’m not successful and remain a no one, then it doesn’t matter. I’ll ePublish it on my death bed as a what i did with my life. If i am successful as a writer, it’ll get published in what ever format there is, after my death, as an autobiography. Either way it gets published. Just not yet. Still a long way off.

I’m an optimistic guy, start this shit now so i dont have to try to remember later.

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