Writing With Music.

HTCI’ve been off work for more then two days. That’s why i’ve been posting a lot of blogs lately. That and the work i’ve been getting done.

So anyway the point of this blog is two fold.

1, To get more views for today. Not sure if today is an English day or an American day, given that i’m here in blighty and the WordPress servers are in America.

2, To write a blog about writing and listening to music while doing so.

Okay i think i’ve accomplished number one, now on to number two.

If you haven’t seen the film ‘THE GREY’ with Liam Neeson, i’d suggest you stop reading, there are some SPOILERS in here, sorry. If you have seen it, or don’t intent to see it, then by all means continue.

I find it very difficult these days to do anything in silents. When i travel to work i’m listening to my iPod, while reading my Kindle (Right now i’m working on A Song of Ice and Fire. book 5, A Dance with Dragons) I can’t imagine ever travelling with out one or both now. If i get a head ache i’ll switch off the light, for obvious reasons, and open the window, because when i have head aches i always feel better if i’m colder, if there isn’t a sufficient breeze or wind i turn on one or two fans, one static and pointed at my legs/feet the other left to roam up and down my body. I lie down above the covers, or i use the bed sheet to support my body. But i’ll have iTunes playing, usually the movie soundtrack track playlist or the Bourne movie series playlist. The volume isn’t loud, i set it so i can just about hear it. I can’t even sleep without a constant noise. That noise being my rotating fan. At first i used it as a source of white noise to help my insomnia, and it worked just fine. Though i think i’m numbing to it now, and have recently had a few bad nights. But for the most part it worked.

When i’m writing i find that i can’t write in silents. Most of the time i’ll play my ROCK PLAYLIST and have the volume set depending on the ambiant noise level. Ambiant noise being the racket usually permeating up from down stairs. There are six people living in this house. I feel that i need it, i need something playing. If not the slightest sound will distract me, like social networks do. By the way you can find me on Google+ and Twitter. They are a pain when you get a little stuck, you’ll tend Just pop in to see what’s going on then get stuck over there and forget about the work you need to get done.

If i’m not in the right mood for the story i’m writing i might put on a movie soundtrack. Something that might help me along, or even inspire me. Right now i’m listening to The Grey’s soundtrack, i watched the film earlier, think it’s incredible by the way.

Think of the Wolves as a metaphor for death. That in the environment they are in, death is right behind them, stalking them, waiting for the right moment to strike, taking out the weakest first. Which is why the wolves aren’t feeding on the men, just killing them. They don’t know it, and you the viewer doesn’t know it, but these men are already dead, they died the moment plane crashed, they just refused to lie down and accept that. They fought to stay alive, fought to the bitter end, until they had no strength left, no fight left. In the end Neeson’s character decides to face death head on, to go down fighting. Yet he knows he’s going to die. We the viewer have that vague hope that this will have a hollywood ending. But this is an independent film. With an Indie film ending, a truer ending. The Alpha, the big wolf, is black for a reason, they could have chosen any other colour, grey for one given the name of the film, but it looks more black. Even in the day time shots, it’s black. All the other wolves we see are black. Like death. The film clearly has a religious part. Neeson’s character saying that he doesn’t believe it then another character responding with “What about faith?” Neeson doesn’t say a word at that. At the end, when he’s the last man stand, or in this case sitting, he prays for help. “Show me something, anything. Fuck faith, earn it” It’s Neeson’s character in a desperate way looking anywhere for help, for hope. He turns to something that he lost when his wife died, i’m guessing of cancer, he lost his faith in god and ran to the ends of the earth to escape the world. Now he looks for that faith, inside himself, but he needs something more then simple faith, he needs a sign that there is something out there. He ends his desperation with “Fine. I’ll do it myself“. Then walk off to face death. With a knife and some small liquor bottles taped to his hands.

That last paragraph may well have come about because i’m listening to the soundtrack and watched the film earlier. But that is kind of what i mean, i never intended to write that about the film, it just happened, a free flow of writing because i’m listening to music that inspired me to write it. The same can and does happen with writing fiction. In all likely hood the book you’re writing doesn’t have a soundtrack. So create one, choose music that best fits the tone of your story and your characters. Put them in a playlist and let the music inspire you. Give your book a soundtrack and listen to it while you write. And listening to it while you’re not writing, but just thinking about it. Listen to it on the bus, on the train, on the tube, while taking your dog for a walk. While lying in a cold room with a head ache.

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