Figuring Things Out. Slowly.

HTCI really should post more stuff.

So i haven’t posted anything here for over a week, or so. I’ve been trying to figure ou the Raven Blackwater story. That’s the thing with trying to pants a book. That mean writing it with an outline of any fucking idea where it’s going. Beer helps.

I’ve thought about what i want to happen in acts one, two, and three (Of five) and then i hit another wall. Not to worry though because i figure things will change as i go which will, i hope, inform the last two acts of the book. A long shot, a gamble, sure yeah but that’s one of the things i like about writing. Diving head first into the unknown, getting so far into a story that it starts to write itself. Kinda?

So today i wrote out 1,847 word and finished chapter three. And again i feel like i’m moving to fast with events, i need to slow things down a touch. I need to add more character scenes between chapters one and two, and two and three. Yeah i need to write more shit in between the chapters i’ve written already. Yeah i ain’t to happy about it either.

A strange pink light is coming in through my window right now. It’s been snowing most of the day, not heavy snow, it’s not really settling, just kinda melting away. And now i have a strange pinkish light. The sun is setting in the west, the other side of the house, and it’s creating this pinkish glow on the clouds. Either that or the aliens from War of the Worlds are here. No wait, there’s been no lightening today, okay we’re cool.

Side tracked, sorry. I’m happy with how chapter three turned out in the end. I’d spent the first two with Raven Blackwater, and wanted to follow Dr Dance this time. So i did that with no real idea where he was going or what he was going to do.

When i said that i thought about it, i didn’t write out an outline or anything, i just kinda wrote down what will happen in each act (five total) and now write to met that. Things can be cleaned up later on.

The heating is on and it’s getting really hot in here. I open a window and it gets really cold in here. I can’t seem to win either way.

I also feel like i’ve revelled the character, Raven Blackwater, to soon, not the character, but what she is. Might need to reduce some of that and hint to it rather then telling it, i can tell it later. But again that’s something that can be fixed later.

Bye for now.

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