Set Backs

HTCThis will probably be a short post as i’m to pissed off to do more then i need to.

I posted not long ago that i hit over 3000 words and 7 pages on my book Raven Blackwater. Well a about ten minutes ago i opened it up again to write some more and found that i’d lost those 3,150 words the the seven pages.

So right now i’m a little fucking pissed off. What’s more i don’t think i can be bother to continue with the story for awhile. Having to re-write seven pages of book from memory because it either failed to save or there was a cock up in the backing up process, is just to painful to think about.

Set backs. We get them, we don’t have to like it.



[Edit] in finder, account user/library/application support/scrivener/BACKUPS/

I be saved.

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