I Did Some Writing Today.

HTCI had a major set back earlier today. Well i thought it was a major set back. I thought i’d lost over 3000 words and seven chapters of Raven Blackwater. But i found a backup file the Scrivener had. Every time i shut down the writing program it wold do a backup. I didn’t know this until i needed, no, i hoped, it had one. So Raven Blackwater was restored and i managed to finish off chapter four with 878 words. And now that chapter four is done i need to figure out what comes next…..

I wanted to write some more but RB is a pantsing writing project, i’m basically making it up as i go along. So i couldn’t get on with that yet. Tomorrow i hope to start chapter five.

I did write some more though, i started the project that will come next, Project: Delta. Actually it’s not next, it’s after the next, but it is a short story rather then the epic spy thriller that is Project: Cain.

I started Project: Delta, Lincoln/66 with a little google research, i needed to figure out what car i needed, this is a road story (Book form of road movie), starting in New York and travelling the LIncoln Highway to Illinois where it’s change to Route 66, then onto California. I wrote the first chapter and introduced the two main characters and gave a little of the car. A 1968 Chevy Camaro V8 395. In matte black. More details of the car will appear as the story unfolds.

It’ll take place across the USA and in London, where the main character is from. So far so good.

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