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So +Lynda Lencaster asks;
_”So when does it start? What are you going to do on holiday? “_

The week after next, from the 28th to the 1st i have my week off. In fact my last holiday until it all renews in September.

But what i’m going to be doing is very very simple. I’m going to write.

I want to get at least 4 to 6 hours of writing done each day, with maybe a thousand words per hour. For 8 days.

I’m not treating this as holiday in the sense that i’ll be sitting around all day on Google+ or watching movies. I’ll be getting up around 9 maybe 9:30, and writing by 10, 10:30. With a few breaks in between.

The fact is, and you all know this by now, that i hate my job, i hate security and can’t stand that everyone, at work, thinks it’s a career i want to spend the rest of my life doing. I’m with Christopher McCandless when he said _”A career is such a twentieth century invention”_. I don’t want a career. Especially in security.

I want to write. Do i want a career in writing. No, because then i’d have to think to as a job. And then i could never really enjoy it. I want to do it because i want too, not because i have dead lines to meet. If i can’t enjoy it, then i’ll simply stop doing it. And i hate dead lines.

But until that happens, i’m a security guard trying to make things better for himself.

Our government said recently that in order to live in cities in this country, you need to earn no less then £18,000 a year. Yesterday i received my P60, a form that we get at the end of the financial year that details what we’ve been paid, the tax we’ve paid out and National Insurance. I was paid £16,123.13p this year, i haven’t been paid this low for 10 years. Is it any wonder i struggle at the end of every month. And being told that i can’t get a pay increase at my current site, knowing that i get paid either the same or less then other, less savvy, guards irks me some what. And before you ask, yes i’m always looking for a new job. But i need better not simpler.

And so i’m taking a week off to get a lot of writing done. It will also be a test to see if i can in fact commit to writing constantly for 8 days straight. If i can’t then i guess i should give up that dream. And find another.

The thing is, i’m the only one who can make the big change in my life that i really need. I’m the only one who can push me to reach those dreams. Everyone else around me just says that i should either give up that silly dream and _keep my nose clean_ (Basically that means not kicking up a stink at work and getting fired) To keep a job i hate because it’s a steady pay check.

And so i’m going to try to write. To re-write a novel from page one. Making a few changes to the original, but those small changes will have large ramification to the whole. I’ve been thinking on this for two weeks now, i now what i want to do with it and today and tomorrow i’ll be writing/typing all that down so on Monday (Filming again on Sunday) i can crack on. Window open. TV off. iTunes on. Cuppa tea by my side. Write. Write. Write.

+Lynda Lencaster how’s that for an answer?

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