One Week Before I Start.

It’s 23:36 on a Monday night. I don’t work on Mondays so it feels more like a Sunday and i’ve gotten my days confused in the past before. I start work tomorrow at 08:30 and will more likely not get out of there until gone 21:00. That’s 9pm to normal people. We have an event there, so it’ll be a long slow burning day until that starts at 17:00. Then it’ll be like sprinting the last six miles of a marathon.

One week. Well five days before i start. Well, not Sunday, sunday i got some more filming to do, a few shots. Apparently. Not doubt we’ll have more to shoot then there is planned. And i’m not going to be able to watch the one race in the Grand Prix season that i really wanted to watch LIVE. Monaco.

So this week i’ll prepare the book. I’ll plot it out. do character write ups.

And Monday the twenty seventh, i’ll wake up at 09:30, using an alarm. Wash. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. And at 10:30, i’ll start.

I’ll write for a few hours. 10:30 – 12:30

Then take a break for an hour. (Lunch). 12:30 – 13:30.

Then i’ll write for a few more hours. 13:30 – 15:30.

Then take another break. 15:30 – 16:00.

Then write some more. 16:00 – What ever. This session will most likely turn into a planning session for the next days writing. And maybe read through and correct that days writing.

I know using such a structure isn’t great for the creatives. And i’ll most likely not take a break if i’m in a flow, but wait till after. And i really just want to see if i can in fact write every day for the eight days (Monday 27th to Monday 3rd) i’ll have to do it. Hopefully getting about five thousand words a day. So i guess my goal is to reach about 40,000 words. Which i guess would be about a hundred pages….

Actually now i look at that, i kinda want to write more. We’ll see i guess.

The thing is, i think about my writing a lot at work, i get a lot of time to think at work, which is all well and good. And no i can’t writing anything down. But by the time i’m home i’m drained. Standing around doing fuck all all day is actually quite exhausting, mentally. I’d rather be physically active all day long then do nothing. And yes i’m always looking for a better job.

Well it’s 00:07 and i’m done.

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