First day of Project: Alpha.

HTCSo, today i did some stuff.

The first of which is waking up and taking a picture, i’d opened my blinds to let in the sun and noticed that the sky was blue, no clouds, no rain, just a clear blue sky. I was pretty shocked, i mean living in England you just expect a bank holiday weekend to be over cast from dawn to dusk, but no, today was clear, and i was sufficiently surprised to take a photo. 

I took the picture and when i looked at it i realised that the window wasn’t very clean. I mean look at it.

I got up and made myself a cup of tea and retrieved the window cleaning gear from the cupboard by the stairs, the squeegee and the thing that you apply the detergent to the window with, i then cleaned the inside of my window then realised that most of the dirt was outside, so i hung outside the window and cleaned the outside.  Don’t worry yourself, it ain’t very high up.

Having cleaned my window i soon realised that all the other windows were probably also dirty. So i set about cleaning all the windows in the house, front and back upstairs and down. I cleaned them all. I’m good like that.

And that’s the weird thing about males, most of the time we don’t clean the place up, or we just don’t clean up very well, but every now and then, we go fucking ape shit with the cleaning and then do a better job then even a woman, (Wonder how many cleaners, i mean woman, are scorning me right now for saying that? Hell hath no fury an all) So, i cleaned all the freaking windows, i was feeling pretty good about myself, i’d done some work and now everyone will leave me alone to write, which is why i have this week off of work, to write.

I opened up Scrivener and went about deleting all the work i’d done before. But not to worry, it’s a duplicate file, not the original. I renamed the project to reflect the new name of the book.

Yesterday while i was planning out this project i was wondering what i should call this book, then near the end it hit me, something i’d written, something that appears at that end. I thought “Cool, i have a name“. So i deleted all the work i’d done before because so much is going to change and i didn’t want the old stuff influencing the new stuff.

I started at the beginning, Chapter one, clearly, and after the first of todays writing sessions i finished up with 4,043 words. Yeah, i was pretty happy with that. So happy in fact i thought, “I’m hungry, how about i feed on BBQ”, so i did.

I like fire and this is a new BBQ thing, the coals, the grill, the lighter fluid the rise of fire from the carbon bricks, dead objects breathing life into the flames that burn the meat i will consume….

…… Err, yeah…

Anyway, i figured i’d take an hours break from the writing to relax a bit and eat BBQ, and drink a few beers, love beer. The cold foaming liquid, it’s amber colour cooling my throat as it runs down my gullet, the condensation on the can running through my fingers, it’s cold touch kissing my lips.

Sorry, got a little carried away there for a second.

So i was cooking on this bank holiday family BBQ, the meat man they call me, well okay no one calls me that, but for every BBQ i attended that was family related, i ended up cooking, the smoke in my eyes the fire licking my fingers, i have no knuckle hair. We started, as you do, with a few burgers, i do this to test out the heat of the thing, is it hot enough for my steak yet?

It was and i began

And man, can i cook a BBQ. To be honest it’s really hard to fuck up BBQ food, i mean you have to be a monumentally stupid to over or under cook something.

Once the burgers were a sizzling i throw on my steak, before hand i’d brushed on, with a folk because i don’t have a brush, some Scotch Bonnet hot sauce, it chars up real nice, i let the steak grill for two and a half minutes then folked on some more hot sauce then turned it over for a further two and a half minutes, all the whole eating a burger. I plated the steak and let my sister, Yellow top, continue the BBQ cooking duties. The steak was, if i do say so myself, FUCKING AWESOME, and charred just right. I ate another burger, while cooking a steak for my nephew, not pictured, he likes it well done, no juices like mine. I grilled it pretty much the same way i did mine, i just let it cook longer and i little further away from the center. And boy did i put a lot of hot sauce on it, i mean a LOT. He didn’t even notice. Next time, i’ll add more.

We chatted for a bit, while we digested our intake of gloriously cooked BBQ food, i drank another beer then made my way back up stairs to continue the work. I spent about one hour and thirty minutes in the garden, near that BBQ, in that sun. I burned a little, not just from the BBQ fire but the sun. Yes, the English sun burned me.

I started on chapter two, something completely new from the first draft of this book and managed to get 1,853 words done which gives me a daily total of 5,896 words.

I’m pretty happy with that seeing as i didn’t start as early as i had hoped, given the window cleaning an all. And i still have time to start chapter three today, i mean it’s only 17:38 as a type this. I started around 11:30 this morning, stopped for BBQ food at about 14:00’ish and restarted at around 15:30. I could start chapter three i guess.

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