Second Day of Project: Alpha.

HTCSo, today pretty much began as i ‘d hoped this week would.

I woke up before 9:30, after checking my phone every time i woke up between 5:30’ish and 9:30’ish.

I figured once the time reached 9:30 that i should probably get up and get started. I wasn’t tired, in fact i was wide awake and ready to kick ass on this novel i’ve been fighting with for so fucking long. I said in yesterdays blog. Or was it the vlog? I can’t remember, i’ll post the vlog below so you can see that too, maybe you can figure it out.

I did my usual morning shit, wake up, sit on the edge of my bed, and open the blinds to check for rain. Yesterday i was pleasantly surprised to see blue sky and sun, today though it’s kinda bleak outside, cloudy, rainy, wet, horrible. I got up and went to the toilet you really don’t what to know what i did in there. Unless you do in which case your a freak, fuck off.

I washed, got dressed and went down stairs to make a cuppa tea. Pronounced Cup of Tea. But when said with a London accent it just comes out as Cuppa Tea. Anyway, i sat at this computer and started my day looking through emails, Google+ notifications and faceblah and twitter, and other distractions. I did notice that Chuck Wendig‘s new book ‘The Blue Blazers‘ was released today, so i made a quick detour to Amazon to buy it, there were only two left, so i quickly snapped one up, should have it in a few days.

After i missed my daily word count by 104 words yesterday i planned to make that up today and so far it’s going great guns, i started on chapter three getting 9 pages and 3,579 words. Which is awesome. I think it went rather well, then i took a break. It took just over two hours to get that done and as i hadn’t had any breakfast, i was kinda hungry.

Bring on the food.

That’s a baguette pizza thingy, and the sauce is a Reggie Reggie X-Hot sauce, it uses Scotch Bonnet peppers, which is really freaking hot. I did bast my steak on the BBQ yesterday with it too. I love it, and without that fuel how could i write anything.

I watched an episode of Top Gear, which ever was running on the channel ‘Dave’ at the time, some kind of race involving a Shelby Mustang GT 500 and a train. The car lost.

I took a few pictures, one to show you guys what i look like today while i write, the other out my window at the days bleakness.

Hard at work, not posing for this picture at all ;P

This is me, working and not posing for the picture because i was a little bored on my writing break. As you can see i keep warm in my grey hoodie and listen to music from my phone rather then iTunes on my computer. Yep, that’s me typing. looking down at my fingers, much like right now actually. I can’t touch type, i’m not sure men can to be honest. Maybe i’m wrong, maybe i’m just not that great a typist… Even though i’m eating up this novel, so far.

If only i could do this every day rather then have to travel to a job i don’t like doing. *sad face.

So now that i’m passed that picture i can show you another, this one is from out my window at the bleakness, check yesterdays blog for the fun sunny day we had.

So here it is.

There is a photo filter on there making it look far more bleak this it really is, the sky isn’t so much brown as it looks in this picture, but more grey. Such a fun day, but then i guess this mean i have no compunction to go outside in that. Yesterday i cleaned all the windows. But one look outside and all i wanted to do was write. So i guess having bad weather is a good thing for writers, bad weather equals more writing because you’re less likely to fuck about thinking of something to do outside in the sun, and who doesn’t what to spend time out in the sun, am i right?

Well here in the UK we don’t get much consistant sun shine, so when it doesn come out, we have to enjoy because we have no idea how long it’ll last, today is a good example of that. Yesterday i get a little sun burn, today, i get wet.

Anyway after all this messing about i get started on chapter four, this was always going to be a weak chapter and one that i felt i needed to write, but now feel like it might just get cut. I’ll work on it some more once i start my re-writes, to see if i can salvage something, if not, it’s gone. All it really does is introduce two characters, which i can easily introduce in chapter six. No biggy.

So i got five pages and 1,613 words. So far that brings my daily total to 5,192, plus the 104 i need to add form yesterday i only need to hit 912 words to meet my daily 6000 word minimum, and with another chapter, which i’m about to start, that shouldn’t  be to difficult. Speaking of which i should get on that.

Pause for effect….

And i’m back, it’s been about two hours i think. I never look at the clock to gage just how long i’m writing for, i kinda just writing until i think i’ve done enough.

So i started and finished chapter five, needs a little work i think, but nothing major. I managed to get 3,051 words in on that one. And i added a further 8 pages to my book.

Todays writing review.

Three chapters. A total of 8,243 words. Which leaves my book on 36 pages, five chapters and 14,139 words. In two days.

My goal is 6000 words a day, but i hope to reach 40,000 by the end of my work break.

So todays writing has ended.

See you again tomorrow. For more.

Yesterdays Vlog 

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