Third Day of Project: Alpha.

HTCYou may be wondering about the titles to these blogs the last few days. If so i’ll tell ya.

I’m not working this week, i took it for two reasons;

One, i just wanted to get away form work for a week.

And Two, i wanted to see if i could sit here at my computer and write as if it was my job.

That’s why i’m using a day count, Day one was on Monday, day two was yesterday, day three today, and so on until Monday, which will be my last day off. [I’m doing something else on Sunday so dont’ count that] And rest of the title, the project: Alpha bit is just what i call this project. The next project will be called Project: Bravo, then project: Charlie.

You see what i’m doing there don’t you?

Okay good, now on to todays writing sessions.

The first sessions started off okay i guess, if not a bit slow, i had to introduce a new character and that persons relationship with the lead. The first half was a bit slow, maybe a little boring, but i can fix that later so no big deal. The second half looks great as is, in fact i’m pretty happy with ow it turned out. So chapter Six is seven pages with 2,548 words. Not bad really considering how it started out.

Then i took a break, i took my phone off of ‘Do Not Disturb’ and went and made some lunch, a cuppa tea and a sandwich, cheese, ham, chicken and turkey. It was okay, would have been better with some lettuce, cucumber and some mayo. My break was ending and i was about to start the second session of writing when my friend called. I answered…

Yes i know i shouldn’t have done that, i should have waited and then texted him back saying that i had just started the next session fo writing, but i didn’t, i answered it. And we spoke for nearly two hours. That was session two gone.

After that i dived straight into session two, two hours late. But it turned out great.

Chapter seven is 12 pages and 4,838 words. It turned out good i think, i enjoyed writing it, which must mean something, right?

So now i’m taking another break, but only a short one, 30 minutes, and i’m drinking a beer to relax me a bit. In 10 minutes, all i have left of this break, i’ll start in the third and final writing session for today. It’s nearly seven so i might not be done until nine.

But for right now i’m 18 pages and 7,296 closer to the end.

My totals are, so far, 54 pages and 21,435 words. More then half my goal of 40,000 before going back to work. In three days. And i still have four writing days left plus todays third session. I’m hoping to hit 60 pages and nearer 25,000 words by tonight.

Okay so i just now finished my third and final writing session for today. I’m so burned out i can barely type this, it’s like my fingers can hit the right keys, and i’m making typos all over the place. So i’ll just keep this simple.

Todays totals are; Chapters – 3. Pages – 25. Words – 10,108

Book so far stands at; Chapters – 8. Pages – 58. Words – 24,247

Didn’t quite hit 25,000 today, but hey.

2 Comments on “Third Day of Project: Alpha.

    • About a man accused of a murder. He is now being hunted by those whose boss was killed, and after a few….. shall we say incidents, the police.

      Yet there is mounting evidence to say he did the murder.


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