Fourth Day of Project: Alpha.

HTCSo i figured i’d start this off afte the first session today. Last night after the last session, which ended at about 9am, my fingers felt like they’d had a rough work out at the gym. I could hardly move the poor little buggers, i was hitting the wrong keys typing a typo with nearly every word. So i thought that i’d do this blog as i went through the day.

I’ll give you a run down of the daily totals later on, at the bottom of this blog so you ont have to read them three times. Just know that the first of todays writing session went okay, this chapter does need a lot of work, maybe i’m brain hasn’t fully recovered from last night, or maybe it’s because i started writing a little later then planned today and was forcing it out to finished in good time. I don’t know, but i finished the chapter and reached a good word count.

I stopped for a quick lunch, which as soon as i’m done with this is over and i can start on session two. It’s just gone 13:00, so i guess i should get back to it.

Back in a bit.

Today is a bit of a slog, i’m finding it hard to get the words out, but even though i’m reaching my session goals of two thousand word, i’m only just reaching them, unlike yesterday, the chapter i just finished writing i just tipped over my word goal. So i’t looking like a lower word count today then yesterday, or even the day before that. I’m sure i’ll reach my daily goal of 6k words, but i want to surpass that, by a lot.

Right now, in scrivener my page count is 71, when i compile it for a paperback it goes up to 101, and i’m only ten chapters in, i had planned it to reach maybe 44, and since then i’ve added a few chapters. I mean chapters ten and eleven were only supposed to be one chapter, but i wanted to separate what happens in them. I’d just had a few very fast action filled chapters and wanted to slow it down a bit. But to keep my hero Simon moving forward. He’s looking for information right now, trying to figure things out. And after then next chapter of trying to figure things out i have another action chapter.

Every time Simon seems to be making progress, something kicks him back again.

These chapter might be condensed down to one or two again in re-writes but fro right now, i’m just fighting my way through.

Break nearly over, be starting session three in about ten minutes.

Back when i’m done.

I’m done.

So i managed ten pages in the last chapter. Not bad.

Todays totals are as follows.

Today: Chapters – 3. Pages – 21. Words – 8,062.

Book totals: Chapters – 11. Pages – 81. Words – 32,309.

Formatted for paperback: Pages – 114.

 The related Vlog;

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