The Math of Writing.

HTCThe plan for this week was to start writing on Monday and finish on Monday the following week. I’d be back to work on the Tuesday.
I might need Sunday off due to more filming, so long as it’s not sunny or raining.

So all in all that would be six hours writing a day for seven days.

My goal was to reach, or get as close to, 40,000 words. Four days in and i’m running a little over 32,000. And with a daily average of 8,000 words, it’s likely it’ll hit 40k tomorrow. Two days ahead of schedule. Adding to that another 16k words, eight each for Saturday and Monday. And that would put me at 56k words.

Now, i’m not making this my new goal, i’m still aiming for 40k, any amount over that is cool beans, a bonus.

I chose 40k for a reason, it wasn’t a number i plucked out of the air. This project is basically a re-write or re-imagining of another project. That project ended on 42k words and 113 pages. I could have released it as a short story, but i didn’t want to do that, i knew i could do so much more with it, or at least i knew i could get twice as much. I thought that i could get about 200 pages, maybe 80k words. So choosing 40k was simple math, it’s the halfway point.

Before i started this, last week sometime, i wrote up a new plan for this story, i broke that plan down into chapters, in total there should be about 44 chapters, according to that plan. Now this is just a guide, it’s not set in stone. The thing is, i’m at 32k and on chapter 8 of the plan, even though i’m on 11 chapters in the book so far. Yeah i kinda added three more chapters. Two that weren’t in the plan, and one that came about because i split one of those planned chapters in two.
If i write another three chapters tomorrow, hitting that average 8k words, that would put me on 40k words and 11 planned chapters (14 book chapters).

The important number there is 11 planned chapters. Planned, out of 44. I’ll only be a quarter (25%) of the way through. This book could possibly end up being more then 400 pages, and nearer to 160k words.

I have no more holiday until September, which is a bummer. Unless i win the lottery of a scratch card or something and can quit work and do this full time. Which isn’t likely.

I’d hoped to get half way through this book by the time i went back to work but as it turns out i might just get passed a quarter.

If i could work at this pace, working five days (Mon – Fri) each week, i could have this book done in four weeks. Minus editing time.

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