You might have seen this image over on the right hand side, it’s new, it replaced the old images the represents the project. Project: Alpha.

Alpha being the first project of many. But know you can probably tell what’s it’s real name is, can you?

This started as an idea for a movie trailer while listening to the soundtrack to Metal Gear Solid 2, the theme tune. That opening piece of music that was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. (2001). Inspired me to want to think hard enough about a movie trailer on my way to work. That trailer became an idea for a film, the a script.

The script got to the end of the second act, about ninety pages. And after reading through it many years later i decided that i hated it, and needed to re-write everything, that then became a film idea called ‘A Passion for Violence’ , yeah i know, shit title, but i’d just watched, A history of violence, with Viggo Mortensen,  it was a good film and the title was stuck in my head. I spent a few weeks re-writing it and came up with some that was, okay, it was 119 pages long when done.

Four years later i would look at that script and think i could maybe novelise it. So using the script as a write up and started to adapt the “screenplay” into a novel. That novel was shit, it was about 113 pages and i couldn’t even finish it, it was so bad.

That was about a year ago. Recently i’d been thinking about it, thinking about some major changes, keeping the plot and characters the same, i just changed how every thing happens.

I tried to get a week off of work so i could try to get as much written as possible. That holiday was refused. I wasn’t best pleased. I hung up on my shift schedular. I do security by the way, lots of time to think.

I booked another holiday, and apparently i used the wrong form, it was a holiday form, just out of date…? yeah, that one got me too. I asked for the up to date one, which i had to ask for because no one was sending it to me, i printed it, filled it out, scanned it and sent it back. It was refused again. But that day i’d had a chat with a manager, my manager i think. And later that day he had over turned the previous decision and my holiday was granted, approved, or whatever word they used.

It started on Tuesday, i work Tuesday to Saturday, And i started to write this new version. I planned it out last week, after work. It’s planned to have at least forty-four chapters. I’d hoped to reach 40,000 words in the time i had off, that’s about 5,714 words a day over seven days, Monday to Saturday, on Sunday i was supposed to be filming, helping a friend, and then writing on Monday again. Seven days in all, at 5,714 words a day i would reach my word goal of 40k.

Today i hit 38,689, just 1,311 short of 40k. An dit’s only Friday, i still have Saturday, and now Sunday because filming was called off, and Monday to write. I’d been hitting a daily average of 8k, until today, but if i make up that 1,311 words over the next three days, that’s only 437 words per day, i could possibly hit 64k before going back to work.

The thing is, i expected that 40k to put me about half way, but i’m no where near half way yet, i’m more like a quarter of the way through. This book could potentially be near or over 400 pages and 160k words, if i continue at my current rate. That’s some much big then i expected it to be, I was going, hoping for, 250 to 300 pages.


Anyway, i still have three more days to write. Lets see how much i can get done.

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