Fifth Day of Project: Alpha.

HTCSo, day five has begun and i started my day by shortening an extension wire so it didn’t have a hugh messy coil. And probably during my first break i’ll be moving the fire place so i can feed the phone wire behind it. Don’t worry, i’ve done this before.

So it’s nearly 10:30, time to get writey. Let the first session of the day commence.


So, the first session went well, i had to ignore a phone call ten minutes after i started, why do people sit on there phones waiting and waiting for someone to pick it up, i mean, i wait three rings, if you haven’t picked up by then, i hang up. And anyone who matters should know i’m writing this week. All week.

Anyway the first session went okay, bit more action, and i passed my session minimum words count of 2k words.

20130531-124728.jpgLunch was a bacon sandwich and a ham and cheese roll in french bread. It was tasty. I also took a picture of ‘Pathetic Monkey‘ laying in the garden bathed in sun. Still smiling.

Right then, it’s 13:20 and my next session starts in ten minutes so i’ll leave you here and get ready. By which i mean make another cup of tea.

Back after session two.


So session two started out really bad. I barely made it past a thousand words and stopped. I couldn’t think of anything else to write. So i just started on the next chapter. i wrote about a paragraph of that then stopped, i couldn’t leave the other chapter, not feeling the way i did, so i went back in. I read it through, and made a gap in the text between two paragraphs, i then started to type again. Now that chapter is over 2k words and i’m happier about it.

Well it’s time for another break, i need to do a few things. Take a suit to the dry cleaners, get some beer, that kind of thing. Back later when i’m done with the third session.

I did my chores, also looked for a job for my nephews. I then forced them to do some work, they moved the fire place out, feed a phone wire through some holes in the wall either side of the fireplace, to hide the wire, made the other one hoover up the mess, and dust, and cob webs, and then had them move it back and secure it. Teenagers.

Now i’m back at my desk getting ready to start the last writing session. I need to do a lot in this one, even though i only have a 2k minimum in these sessions, i’ve been reaching an 8k average every day, i might come up short today. Was hoping i’d hit 40k in total, but i might not reach it *sad face.


Okay that third session didn’t go so well. It’s generally been a shitty day of writing if i’m honest. Maybe my machine like writing skills have faded away, maybe i used them all up and need to refill, but where, where do i refill my writing mojo, WHERE!

I wrote three chapters but they all seemed to be place holders, like they exist only to impart a little information from various characters. I don’t know, i’ll think on it a bit over the next three days.

So my daily totals;

Chapters – 3. Pages – 16. Words – 6,383. not great. But i did met my 6k daily minimum. Just.

Book totals;

Chapters – 14. Pages – 96. Words – 38,689. 1,311 short of where i would have liked to be.

Formatted page count – 138.

I can make up that 1,311 words over the next three days. Filming has been called off on Sunday so i can get some more writing done then too. Hopefully i can get 8k then which would maybe put me on 64k words, by the time i go back to work.

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