Sixth Day of Project: Alpha.


So, it’s Saturday, or if you’re on a social network, #Caturday.

So when you’re done looking at cat pictures, and we all know how much the internet loves cats, it’s like the interwebs was invented just to show the world your cats pictures, and or videos.

Fucking Cats.

So, the book which you might already know is called “Crow“, but will still be referred to as Project: Alpha until i’m good and ready to stop calling it that, is still under construction, yes even on a saturday. The first session went fine, i reached eight pages and over 3k words. I little work may be needed to really tie that one off but it works for me, and flows really well in to the next chapter.

The second session was also a joy to write, i seem to excel at writing violence, i reached nine pages and 3.7k words.

Todays word goal is the usual 8k, so far i’m on 6,887, meaning i need another 1,113 words gets me my 8k daily total. And as i was 1,311 short of 40k yesterday, to reach 48k today i need another 2,424. I can’t imagine that’ll be a problem.

So i guess i should get on with it then.

Well session three is over, and that’s it for today. It was a little difficult to do actually and i did have to merge the two chapters in the plan, but i made the totals below, i didn’t hit 48k, i stopped just 89 words short of that, oh well.

But today i wrote three more chapters: 9,222 words in total and 23 pages.

The book now stands at:
Chapters – 17.
Pages – 119, unformatted.
Words – 47,911. So close.

Formatted for paperback page count – 170.

I’m done, going to have some pizza.

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