Seventh Day of Project: Alpha.

HTCSunday, a day of rest to some.

It’s never really been a day of rest for me though, even when i tell people that i’m doing nothing because it’s a Sunday, the day of rest, i’d still rather doing something.

Today, that something is writing, seven days in.

Session one today went a little slow, i just hit 2,090 words and only reached five pages. I’m thinking that the next chapter will merge with this one, in re-writes.

I did just reach 50,001 words in total though, so i’m pretty happy about that,. Though that does mean to met my daily goal i still need to write 5,999 words. Sometimes it’s not so hard, and i’m hoping that the next chapter goes well because i want to kill it today. Only today and tomorrow left. One week off of work and i’ve spent the whole time here at my computer writing. I wanted to prove to myself that i could take this seriously, that i could write every day. And i can, i proved it. If only i could do this full time rather then having a normal job. I’d only do it five days a week, maybe a half day on a Saturday or Sunday. But that’s the future, i hope, i need to finish this book and try to sell it, if i can’t then i’ll just try to sell the next one and put this one in the kindle store on Amazon for a quid fifty.

Break time, back later on.

Okay so after the BBQ, which was a few hours i found it very difficult to get on with the next chapter, it might have been the heavy food i ate or more likely, there just wasn’t enough going on in the chapter to keep me going. I just went to the shops and on my way back i thought that i might merge the last two chapters, it would work in terms of the flow of the story and it would make me feel better.

Now that’s done, a little about writing this past week. It’s been an experience. One thing i have learned is that you don’t want to write for seven days straight, by the time you get to the end of the week your story telling mojo is screwed up and bent all out of shape. You can’t get the words out anymore. Like Anne Lamott said, ‘Bird by Bird‘, meaning take it slow, do one page at a time, that one page gets you one page closer to the end. Okay sure i’ve written over 51k words and 128 pages (unformatted) so far, but now, i think if i continue my writing will suffer for it. So i think that, at 16:15 on Sunday the second of June, i’m going to stop for the day. I’ll pick it up again tomorrow. I won’t reach that 64k goal, but that’s okay, i shattered my original goal of 40k and i’ll still have tomorrow, and i might reach 60k. And you know what, i’m cool with that.

So today i rest, i’m going to drink some beer and watch Youtube videos. Because, as a writer, if you don’t pop your head up once in a while, the world will pass you by.

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