Writing. For free..?

20130531-003109.jpgYeah yeah yeah i know, “If you’re good at something never do it for free“. Or so says the Joker anyway.

You think it rings true? That if you are good at something you shouldn’t do it for free. But what if that something could lead to something more, volunteering your time, your brain and your creativity to something that could lead you to bigger and better things.

Well, when i say bigger, i mean it could better my situation, ’cause if anything i want to better my situation. I mean don’t we all? Anything is better then doing security. Right now my legs ache, my hips, my knees, my ankles, and the bottoms of my feet. I couldn’t sit on the bus today with my feet flat on the floor, i had to turn them to the side because they hurt. Yes i hate my job. I also hate commuting. And people. I hate people. Lots and lots of people in one place just plain annoys me, like walking down Oxford Street every bloody day…

But writing articles for a blog? Should i? Could i?

I was thinking today about applying for a few writing jobs, this, the one i’m writing this for, was one of the first ones that struck me, most were unpaid (In this economy you get what you can right?) some were writing for blogs and online magazines that dealt with shit i don’t care about, like politics and the economy. The one i’m kinda writing about here is about film/TV, video games, tech, it even has a ‘weird’ link, weird. I could get into that. I’m pretty weird, right?

Anyway the application isn’t a CV or resume, it’s a blog post or other writings, i figured that most of my recents blogs are about a writing project, and not very interesting, unless you’re interested in that project. Which i’m guessing they aren’t. But that’s just a guess.

So i figured i’d write a blog to eMail to them as my application. Okay, this probably isn’t the greatest idea i’ve ever had, but hey….. who gives a shit, right?

It’s twelve minutes past eleven right now and i’m getting pretty tired, i need a cuppa tea…. okay hang on a sec…

— Downstairs making tea —

Okay, while i was downstairs making my cuppa, in the half dark as two of the four bulbs ain’t working, i call that EXTREME TEA MAKING…………

No i don’t.

That’s a lie……

I was thinking while down there that maybe i should send them something that they could possibly use on the blog, you know, a film review or something, ’cause right now i’m just kinda procrastinating and talking shit, Not that they would use it, but it would be more fitting, you know like an interview or something, right now this is just me talking. Talking but not really saying much.

Hey blog people.

I like movies and TV shows, i’m also kinda weird. I love the Evil Dead movies, not the latest one, i’m kinda bummed that got made. I think Evil Dead 2 is the best movie ever made. And my reason for that is simple, because it is…

I also love Star Trek (OS TNG DS9) and Game of Thrones (Yes, i’ve read the books). As for tech…………….. i have an iPhone and a Kindle… yeah that’s it. Sorry.

Actually i couldn’t tell you why i love Evil Dead 2 so much, i just do.

I guess i could ask them a few things though, like what kind of word counts are you after? how aften would you want me writing blogs? what is the time frame from blog idea to blog being posted?

Well, i guess i’m done.


How’d i do?

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