Get That Damn Book FINISHED!

20130531-003109.jpgSo i have a few weeks off work. I guess starting today as i don’t work on Mondays anyway. Though i did start writing yesterday.

Two weeks, writing five days a week. Though i may write over the weekend too, depending on how i feel.

Yesterday i added 11,345 words to my book, but most of that was copy and pasted from a previous version. I did go through it and change text to follow the new story line and character development, i think all in all out of that 11,345 word count, maybe 4,000 were new. I didn’t write down yesterdays figures so that’s all i have to go on.

Today though i keep numbers.

Session 1 – 1,413. Session 2 – 3,204. Session 3 – 1,716

Total word count for today, 6,333. Total word count for the book so far – 75,280.

Three more chapters done. Total written – twenty-nine. That’s 29 out of a possible 46 chapters.

Pages, today – 17. Pages total, unformatted – 188. Pages Formatted for paperback – 270.

The book is coming along. Some earlier chapters need a ton of work, but that’s for another time, not now. Editing.

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