Now That It’s Over.

20130531-003109.jpgWell, it isn’t really over. Not yet anyway.

Sure the book is written and sitting in a black folder. All 512 pages of it. In manuscript form it’s like a hugh slab of paper. It’s could well be readable right now, even though i know it’s unfinished.

And that’s the thing, it is unfinished. It still needs a lot of work. I now that some stuff in there is contradictory, things happen more then once because i found a better place to put something. But i can’t look at it now, not yet.

The manuscript isn’t going anywhere. Mostly because it’s to damned heavy to move. But as all writers know, that first draft or vomit draft or whatever you call it, need a cooling off period. I as it’s creator need to get away from it, to forget the fine details. Then, in a few weeks ( 2 to 4) i’ll come back, blow off that dust and start reading it.


Can’t wait.

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