Printing C R O W.

20130531-003109.jpgThis morning i had to what for the rain to stop before i went to the stationary shop to get some paper. Thing is, reams of paper come in 500 sheet packets, i needed 512 sheets, so i bought 2 reams.

Needless to say it started to rain again while i made my way up there. I was not amused.

Now my printer is a Samsung ML1750. It’s old, really old. And the fucking thing could barely print 10 pages without having to stop for a breather, i have to open and close the toner door thingy. Then it would print a further 10 pages, sometimes less, and then stop again. I knew i’d have to babysit the fucking thing until it was done, and that i could handle. But then, after printing 325 pages, it stopped altogether. And wouldn’t start again.

I had to turn it off and on again. Cliche, yes i know, but it worked, kinda. It started to print again, but from the start, page 1. Frustrated i stopped the print, and then tried to start again, but this time from page 326. Well, the printer had kept on printing and didn’t stop until it had done pages 1 through 17, i thought the thing wasn’t going to stop at all so i did what i always do when technology doesn’t do what i want. I hit it. Several times.

Once i had stopped all the printing and the printer recovered, i started again, from page 326. From then on it seemed to go fine, getting far more done before needing a rest. 2 hours it too, two bloody hours, but it’s done. And i have my hugh slab of paper.

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