New Look.

20130531-003036.jpgSo, last night i bought a theme. What do you think?

Personally like it. Even though i’ve spent the better part of today editing the bloody thing and getting used to the new features i have. And trying to figure out the menu/category links things was a pain in my arse. But then i figured it out and i’m as happy nerd at a Star Trek convention.

You might notice the ‘Posts’ menu has a drop down menu attached to it called, ‘Full Posts’. This is just until i decide which one i prefer. The first posts menu, ‘Posts‘, is basically the category that contains all my posts, ten per-page, and at the bottom you’ll have a button to go to the next page of ten post summaries. It looks cleaner and loads faster, it only gives you a summery of my posts but you can click to ‘read more‘, then the page for that blog entry will open up for you.

The second posts menu, ‘Full Posts‘, is a page that contains ten of the latests posts in full, you can read through them and just scroll down to the next one, but it does take longer to load, and at the bottom, there is a button that says, ‘Older Posts’, click that and ten more posts will load underneath the previous ten.

I’m going to leave them like that for a bit until i decide which i prefer, and then i’ll remove the one i didn’t like. SImple.

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