The Next Project.

Concept Art Work

So my next project. Raven Blackwater (Project: Bravo). That means it’s the second one.

So now that Crow is in the cooling off phase of it’s development, i can spend a few weeks thinking about something else. I already have five chapters written, with something like 12k words. But i stopped because i got stuck, i was trying to “pants” the book, writing it with no real idea of where it is going. Or “Writing Blind“. I genuinely thought that was the best way for me to write a book. Turns out i can do a pretty good job if i do a basic outline.

Crow’s outline was, as outlines go, pretty basic. It just gave me directions but none of the scenery. I would then read that and start writing. I found that the book pretty much wrote itself, it took turns i didn’t even know were there. It made the writing process interesting for me, not knowing exactly where i’d end up. Sure some of it is shit, but for the most part i was happy. It did mean that sometimes i needed an extra chapter that i didn’t plan on or plan for with appropriate research, so i have a few chapters left unwritten on Crow but i’ll do them during the editing phase (I start that in two weeks).

But Crow is done. Now i can concentrate on ‘Raven Blackwater‘.

It’s an Urban Fantasy novel, and the main character, Raven, has curtain powers. First things first, i need to define her powers and there limitations. How they work, exactly. I have an idea but i need to work on that a bit. Then the villains needs some work. Who they are and their motivations because it has changed since i first thought about them. I tend to put in a lot of couch time. Lying back on my couch thinking about shit, taking the odd note.

I’ll do this for the next few weeks, until i start editing Crow, but i think Crow will piss me off from time to time and then i can go back to Raven.

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