My Addiction.

8929399302_5b10da7eb2_qHello, my name is Jason. And i’m an addict.

To Books.

They are my weakness. One of many for right now we’re talking about books.

My pizza’s are done, i’ll be right back.

Okay, got two baguette pizza things, with extra jalapenos and hot sauce. And a cuppa tea. Now i’m ready. I also just turned on my Led Zeppelin playlist, Stairway to Heaven is playing.

Now back to my addiction to books. About a mile from where i live is a small book shop. Actually for a small book shop it’s a nice size, two large spaces. I go there twice a month if i can and i try not to leave without, at the very least, a paperback. I go there for hardbacks though. Crime or Spy thrillers is where my eyes take me, but i’ll hit up a horror or an urban fantasy. I don’t care who writes them, i just read the inside of the dust cover and if i like what i read there, i buy it.

Now, if i like what i read, once i get around to reading it, i’ll check out the author, see what else they have to offer me, and if i like what i find i make a note. Notes being a digital note, an app on my phone, i write their name and all the books, in order, that they have released. And then, i buy everything. Every now and then i’ll look at my list, and chose the next one on that list and pop on over to amazon.

There is of course the other avenue in which i discover books. Films. ‘Drive‘ directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, and released in 2011 was adapted from a book written by James Sallis. I now own everything Sallis has released to date. His last being Driven, a sequel to Drive. So this film, which i loved by the way, brought Mr. Sallis to my attention. He writes Crime fiction. Then we have this morning.

This morning i’m bored, i start checking through the Sky on demand movies, i come across a film i wanted to see, i even recorded it when it first aired on Sky Movies. ‘Killing Them Softly‘, staring Brad Pitt. This wasn’t exactly what i thought it might be. Kinda like Drive in that way. It’s story is very simple. Two guys turn over an organised card game, the boss who lost the money, and subsequently more money as the games were stopped until the situation was resolved, call in Brad Pitt, he handles this sort of thing, he finds and deals with the two would be robbers. See, simple. But what hooked me was the dialogue and interactions with the characters. I was thinking while watching this film, “This could be a, book“, it just didn’t feel like hollywood, and there was something that didn’t quite feel like an independent film, ‘Written and Directed’ by such ‘n such. Then while the credits were running i saw it, ‘Based on the novel by’.

And there you have it. Two more books to stem my habit. 


Strange Shores (Murder in Reykjavic) by Arnaldur Indridason. The blue sticker is part of the cover, i thought it was a sticker i could, and wanted to, remove. But nah, i couldn’t. This 296 pages hardback will be added to the pile of crime hardbacks i have stacked on my book shelf, to await a reading.


Is Cogan’s Trade by George V. Higgins (Now Filmed as Killing Them Softly). 216 pages of paperback crime fiction.

If i like what i read in these pages i’ll do as i always do, buy more from these authors.

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