Re-thinking Stuff

8929399302_5b10da7eb2_qToday i took a look at my write up for ‘Raven Blackwater‘, the urban fantasy about a girl with telekinetic powers.

The write up i have isn’t bad it just needs to have a direction. I always have trouble finding that stuff, making the story interesting for the reader, so i did what i always do, i started to think about the characters. The villain particular.

I made a character list. I started with the characters i already had. Then added to them. Then added a few more. One stood out. So i concentrated on that guy. I wrote out his profile. Only a brief thing, nothing to in depth. Then something happened. I suddenly had a very dark twist to the story. Something that made it make sense, this is urban fantasy after all.

I never really thought of my villain as being finished. He always needed something else. Now he has that sick and twisted something. And i am happy.

I still have a few weeks to ponder this, then i need to start editing another project (all 512 pages and 46 chapters of it). But i go back to work tomorrow after a two week break (to write that other project), and while there i can think about this one. I mean, it’s not like i actually have any real work to do, i just stand around all day rolling my eyes at all the stupid rich people.

No i don’t envy their money…..

Would be nice to just work on books all day every day…. [sigh].

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