What Should You Expect…

8929399302_5b10da7eb2_qFrom me. Here. At Head Trip?

I’ve acquired a few new followers to this blog over the last few days, most i gather because of posts they found in a search. You liked me enough to follow. Okaaay…

My name is Jason in case you didn’t already know. I’m 36, i live in North London (Barnet), i’m a security guard in a women’s shoe boutique in the city. I hate it. And every now and then i might vent my procrastinations here, or on Twitter in dozens of 140 character chucks. I do that sometimes. Actually, you might go weeks without seeing me on twitter at all. I also do that. I spend most of my time over at Google+, that’s pretty much where i post the most. More there then anywhere else on the interwebs. Until last week i had a faceblah account, i joined faceblah back in 2008 after saying i’d never join up. But like a billion others out there, i caved. Until last week, when i proudly escaped, and deleted my account reclaiming my identity as my own, unless i go back within 14 days. Still got about 7 days left. I think… If you’re on Instagram you can find a few pictures of mine there too.

Actually, you could just go to the About and Where am i ? pages to get all of this, i don’t know why i bothered putting it all down here. I might also post about books i’ve bought and or read.

If you’re the sensitive type, i do swear a lot. This site has a PG13 rating. Though i guess it should be higher sometimes.

So, to the point of the site i guess. Like it says on the home page, ‘I’m A Writer‘. I used to follow that statement with the phrase, “Or at least i like to think so“, but i have no need to say that anymore. On the menu bar, up there ^, you’ll see a button called ‘Crow‘, which is the name of my first novel, and under that page are all the blogs collected, via their category, to do with that book, the first ones will not refer to it as Crow, but instead names like, ‘A Passion for Violence’, ‘Passion’, ‘The Russian Connection’, ‘Josh Randall’, ‘Jack Randall’, ‘Randall’. I still in fact call it The Russian Connection, as a sub-title. The last ones go on about finishing the manuscript, making a concept for the cover, and what to do next. The 512 page, 46 chapter manuscript is in a folder/ring binder right now, just waiting to be edited. But i’m not going to touch it for a few weeks. The 29th is the date i’ve set to start them. It was written in two stages, a week in April, 6 days of writing for 6 hours (3, 2 hour sessions) and september 2nd to the 6th, and the 9th to the 12th. All in all about 15 days worth of writing. I reached 112,435 words. I’m pretty proud of that, that’s why i added it.

I’ve needed something that would inform me that i could write a book. And booking 3 weeks off work i was able to do that. Now all i need to do is make it not suck balls. Big fat sweaty, hairy balls. I can write a book. Now all i have to do is make that pay.

For the next few weeks, until i start to edit ‘Crow’, i’ll be working on my next book, Raven Blackwater, all posts pertaining to that project are under the menu button, ‘Project: Bravo’. (I give all my projects a letter from the frenetic alphabet, it being my second project gives it the letter ‘B’, for Bravo). Raven Blackwater is an urban fantasy story about a young girl, named Raven, who has tele-kinetic powers. This will be a very dark story about Raven trying to escape her surroundings, a hospital in the north east of England, where she has been most of her life after an incident with her abusive father. Forgotten by her alcoholic mother, Raven tries to find her place in the world while being the subject of experimentation, to bring out her power for a billionaire industrialist and philanthropist, who wants to use paranormal powers to do better business, or so she thinks. She is not only trying to escape the only world she has ever known, but she is trying to figure out who she is, Raven Blackwater is not her real name. That has been lost. She must escape the hospital, find her mother, and discover who she is.

That pretty much bring us up to date.

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