It’s Been A Week.

8929399302_5b10da7eb2_qI finished my novel, first draft, on Thursday the twelfth (Sept – 2013), and returned to work the following tuesday. i won’t talk to much here about work, just know that my feet have been killing me and i think my right knee is fucking ruined, though it was fine while i was off writing the book.

I thought about my novel, what i want to change and how to implement my own style. The thing is, this book is nothing special, it’s a simple action thriller, kind of like a Jack Reacher book, which i read as a filler between more heavy material. Basically anyone could have written CROW, and that is okay, i just need to give it my style, which only i can write. Something to make this action thriller different from all the others out there.

Also i thought about the next novel, Raven Blackwater. Or more to the point, i thought a lot about the villain. Who, what, where etc etc. And i think now i have a good grasp on that character. When i’m done here i’ll be writing up what i came up with. I book is only as good as it’s villains.

Next Sunday i start editing.

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