John Cunninghams – B.L.T.

My friend John Cunningham made this film.

And i can’t tell you how proud i am of him. Every time i watch this film it gets better and better. It’s out there now, playing in a few festivals. It’s already won best screenplay at the ’15 minutes of fame festival’ in Florida, and has been selected at Zedfest film festival and the 2013 Barossa film festival. I had a part in the making, though off screen, a small part, you’ll see my name in the credits.

John wrote, produced (With his wife Rhona), directed, shot and edited this film by himself. A one man film crew (John’s twitter is @Jcimage1) go say hi (And say you came because i said so @Fiskyjay).

I’ve known John for 20 years, we met in college, and to date, one of only two friends i’ve had that long.

His drive for film, and for his own perfection is endless. Watch out for this name in the future. And be sure that i’ll post about him every time he make a film.

He’s one of my oldest friends. And he is doing what he loves to do. Make films.

BLT from John Cunningham on Vimeo.

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