With all this hoopla over the google+/youtube comment thing.

20131030-092803.jpgWe forget other companies are out there trying to fuck you over.

Take DIVX, last time i _”Upgraded”_, the fuckers reset all my browser defaults, and installed some piece of shit software on my computer, that incidentally isn’t on that list (below) of upgrades.

Do we see any youtube videos about that? About people hating on DIVX?

No we don’t.

You wonna know why?

Because no body gives a shit about DIVX… So no body can be bothered to complain in a well thought out video, and or blog, about it, because they know, no body gives a shit.

Popular tubers, makes these videos for one reason in my opinion: To keep the views coming in. It’s just another video idea that will give them the views they need to get paid from the ad revenue. Smart really. They understand that people will watch, because they are _”angry”_ about something. They kick up a stick, and their little minions/sheep follow along.

But have you noticed that they only ever bitch and moan about the trivialities of the interwebs… They never make videos like that about world hunger. War. Or getting justice for the economic fuck up back in 2008.


Because most of their followers are children, who don’t care about the important things. They only care about how they look on their social networks. And now Google+ is encroaching on that.

You make videos on Youtube, for a living, and you have _Management_? WTF, seriously. You need a fucking manager to do that. To sit, at home, and talk to a camera for five minutes…

You say fuck google… I say fuck you. Your pissed that you might actually need to get up off your arse and get a fucking job where you have to fucking work for nine hours a day.

[Disclaimer: The above comments are opinions.]

Ultimately, this is a rant that means nothing to no one.

Because it means nothing to me.

I’m just trying to prove a point. I can kick up a stink about shit i don’t really care about. And if i didn’t add this little bit at the bottom, you might believe what i said.

I could quiet easily make a youtube video about all the shit that i think you’d hate, and but doing that, make myself popular on the tubes. I could target youtubers, that would be pretty easy, as there are a lot of twats on youtube. Me included ;P but i’d only stick to the trivial internet based stuff, that way i don’t lose the attention of my shortened attention spanned fan base. And given that i’m a pretty good editor, i could make it quick, short, and punctuate every clip with a swear, so it really speaks to the youth of today. And if i called that channel _’Apoplectic Twenty Something’_, i could achieve a few things in the process;
1, Force my sheep to learn a new word. Apoplectic.
2, They’d think i was a twenty something. I think i could pull that off. Making me close enough to their age that they might think i’m one of them, but old enough so that they might think i know better then them.

And with a well thought out, scripted video, recorded over a 30 minute studio (bedroom) recording session, and edited in the first 10 minutes after my afternoon kip (nap), but before i put on some cloths. I think i could make it work just fine.

Of course i jest. But i bet you read all the way down, didn’t you.

But seriously, DIVX are fucking wankers!

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