First Post of…

9CF79794-36E0-4484-8CC5-CEB1B7876BBF copy2014, by The Gregorian calendar anyway. To me though, it’s just Wednesday (pronounced as typed Wed-Nes-Day), and it’s a day off, which is nice. New Year’s Day means nothing to me. Except that i get a day off.

I have no real reason to write a blog today, except that maybe because i haven’t written one in a long time. Or if you like, because it’s January first twenty-fourteen. Who really cares though, right? ‘Cause i’m writing a new blog.

I’m hungry… my sense memory is kicking in and i can taste something, but i can’t put a name on that something and it’s disappearing fast. I could just eat a steak. I like steak.

I’ve been reading ‘House of Leaves‘ and listening to old music on vinyl: First i hit Bob Dylan and ‘Blond on Blond‘. Then The Jimi Hendrix: Experience and ‘Electric Ladyland‘. Then Led Zeppelin and ‘VI‘, ‘I‘, ‘II‘. All this while ‘Fast ‘N Loud‘ has been playing on Discovery Channel, muted. Oddly, ‘The Great Escape’ hasn’t been on… weird.

I’ve drunk about a gallon of tea, one glass of orange juice, and eaten two slice’ of fruit cake. Just thought you’d want to know. No pictures though… sorry. I could take some later though, you know, when it all reemerges.

And now here i am typing bullshit into a computer…

I’d rather be stripping…

…wall paper off my bedroom walls because this shit needs to get done, but the problem is, it took me hours to strip a small amount of paper on Monday, i got bored and stopped. The problem is, the paint is water resistant so it can be cleaned, so i have to score the paint and paper first, which damages the wall underneath, which means i have to fix that later on, more fucking work. So, the new plan is to use coarse sand paper to take of some of the top layer of paint off to help the water (don’t have a steamer. We used to, but not anymore) get underneath and soften the wallpaper paste. I hope it works ’cause i don’t wonna spend all my time off for the next six months stripping the walls little bit at a time. I got better shit to be doin’.

But i ain’t doing that, though my sister called me over two hours ago asking me what sand paper i wanted, because she was in the shop that sells sand paper. Less then a mile away. But hey, this is my sisters thing. She once asked me to babysit for “fifteen minutes” once while she needed to “quickly” run over to Tesco. I hate babysitting. Babies are noisy, smelly, little packages of hate. She returned three hours later. I wasn’t happy. I told her so. That girl is a pain in the ass sometimes.

Now i find myself wanting to write a little about “New Year’s Resolutions“. Those things we promise ourselves. Things we, at the moment of conception, knew we will stick to. But by the end of week one (1), have already forgotten. I guess the trick is not to kid yourself. Make them simple, maybe just doing things you’re already doing, just more so. You know?

I hate New Year’s Resolutions so instead i’ll just list stuff/goals to do before i hit 40. That’s still four years away.

  1. Quit the security industry for good.
  2. Earn a living writing.
  3. Blog more.
  4. Publish a book.
  5. Publish 1 book a year.
  6. Publish 2 books a year.
  7. Go to Mongolia (for one year).
  8. Go to Alaska (for one year).
  9. Survive.
  10. Die before i get old.


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