My Steepletone Record PLayer.

Model No: SRP1R 11.

So this is my first, ever, record player. A Steepletone.

I got this bad boy on November 7th. Incidentally a day after it was supposed to arrive. Fucking delivery service, who ever they were.

Okay, when i say my first i mean to say, Mine, my own. We, the family, had a few as i grew up, but back then i wasn’t interested in music the way i am now. Besides i wasn’t allowed to use it incase i scratched the records. Once CD’s came along we just stopped buying vinyl. But hey, not such a bad thing where my family is concerned. I searched the loft for old records, and found some horrible stuff. Thriller was about the only record that was worth taking.

When the above picture was taken, i only had sixteen records.

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