Thoughts… (For the stupid)

9CF79794-36E0-4484-8CC5-CEB1B7876BBF copyI have them, most commonly they are shit, thoughts of blood and bones as i try to move passed my days of infinite boredom at work, my dull drudgery bill payer. But, if i were at work whilst drunk, my thoughts would be far more interesting. And i’m sure my interactions with the Stupid that occupy themselves with nothing but shopping day after useless day would be more entertaining. How much money do you waste on such crap anyway? Surely you can find a better use for your pitiful mind then dragging yourself around London’s posh, to spend your partners money because i doubt you have the brains to hold a job yourself, even something as simple as stacking shelves at your local supermarket…

A supermarket is a place where we, the normal and or weird, but altogether useful people, buy food and water, fruits and vegetables, meats and booze. And these days everything else we think we need. Or at least everything the supermarket owners tell us we think we need.

You can’t close a door on a cold day, maybe that’s because it’s not your door and therefore YOU don’t need to close it because you think it’s someone else’s job to close it, or simply because someone else should. FUCK YOU! You walk in side of doors and then decide to close and shake off your soaking wet umbrella. Inside. And think that that’s okay. You’re in a boutique. Do you even know what that is?;

boutique |buːˈtiːk|
1, a small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories.
2, a business that serves a sophisticated or specialised clientele

Well, Oxford English Dictionary, you’re half right. But we don’t need your kind of stupid making our carpet wet dumb ass, this is a posh store in a posh area of London, our carpet isn’t best wet. We would like it dry and fresh. You could also wipe your feet fuck face.

Basically that means you dumb FUCKS. Though You, why or how i have no fucking idea, because you are neither fashionable or sophisticated. You’re garish, obnoxious, rude, ignorant, and irreverent. You have no thoughts, ideas, or opinions that anyone with half a brain would give even a moment to consider. The most important things running through your mind, behind those vacant eyes, is what happened last night on The Only Way is Essex, Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore, Big Brother, I’m A Celebrity Get me the Hell Out of Here, Britain’s Got Talent, etc etc. You’re entire thought process is based on celebrity, and by celebrity i mean the lowest of the low, the human sewage that get on television for a few weeks on some painful reality TV show, and then sell every aspect of your boring life with weekend (Z-List, Dead) “Celebrity” magazines.

Of course these magazine are going to pay you for you bullshit, because they know that the mindless zombies will buy it and hang on your every word. There was a time when being a celebrity meant that you actually worked for a living, now you just need to appear on a TV show for a few weeks, make a fool of yourself, then sell your life to a magazine. This Week Read About Jason’s New £300 Hair Cut, he goes from a step 3 to a step 1 in 5 minutes, in his bedroom with a pair of clippers his hair dresser bought a few years ago in Curry’s for 30 quit. Pages 3, 4, 5, and 6. With pictures.

Okay, i might be a little bit frustrated here, i stand and watch these useless people spending more money in a 30 minute visit then i make in a month. And i’m supposed to be Happy?

Jealous..? Sure, why not… they do nothing, yet have money to burn. Wish i could do nothing and have money to burn. Wouldn’t that be nice…?

But then i feel like i need to work for the money i have, call my old fashioned. That spending that money is a luxury… That the books i read and the music i listen to have been bought due to my hard earned work.

I feel like i need to put on a record…. But which one..?

I went with this;

The Velvet Underground & Nico.

The Banana peels off by the way.








So, where was i?

Oh yeah, i hate stupid, useless people.

Huh…. we all have our little addictions. For me it’s books, and vinyl.

Yet. I can observe the common niceties, like closing a door i’ve opened, shacking off an umbrella outside, saying thank you when someone opens a door for me. Even if it’s that persons job to open that door for me. Because the common niceties are what separate us humans from the assholes, the stupid, and the useless.

“I can’t abide useless people”. Some old dude in the episode Shindig: Firefly.

So, in the end i think that if i were Drunk at work it would be a far more entertaining place to be, for me, and those stupid people that visit.

Well, i’d be happier anyone, and i’d be having more fun. Until i got sacked that is.

But at least i’d take a few Stupid people with me…

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