The Day Before Work Begins [Monday].

9CF79794-36E0-4484-8CC5-CEB1B7876BBF copyExhale‘.

I have three chicken breasts in the oven, cooking at 200 for 20 minutes. After of course i covered them in Peri Peri X Hot sauce. Spicy chicken, would go great with lettuce and cucumber in some pitta bread. But alice, i don’t have any pitta bread.

So here i am again typing crap into my blog to get your attention for the next 5 minutes while my chicken cooks. My beer is getting warm.

On the record player – Haim: Days Are Gone.

Haven’t played it in awhile so i thought, why the fuck not.

I’m hungry and i don’t know what type. I mean, what do you people what to here, surely not my random ramblings?

If only you could visit my head for a bet, you know, sit in my brain and take a look around for a few seconds, then maybe you’d understand me a littl emore. But then you might do one of two things;

1, You might like it and stay and then i’d never get rid of you.

2, Get so freaked out by it that you never visit my blog ever again.

My epic sand paper cut is itching.

Six more minutes then i get good spicy chicken breast. Juicy.

So, what you all up too?

Nothing, didn’t think so.

Of course if you were up to something you wouldn’t be reading this blog now would you?

Today i did something that i didn’t want to do. Something that nearly had me throwing up my lunch. I renewed my security license.

Fuck it, need to flip the record.

Okay, i should maybe go sort out my chicken thing. Laters.

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