Crow: What the Fuck happened?

20131030-092803.jpgIts been some time since i even looked at this book. It just sits in my cupboard, in its folder, waiting, expecting me to take it down and turn the pages, add little notes, correct the spelling and the grammar.

But i don’t. I look at it. Up there staring down on me.

Editing, it ain’t as easy as you might think, well not for me anyway. It’s a daunting prospect to edit through over five-hundred pages and over one-hundred thousand words…. It’s like climbing a mounting with skies on, it’s just easier to slide back down again. And with no ski lift, i think “What’s the point?”.

Of course the point is that you hate your current job and need to get out, writing could do that. You’ve read a lot of books that fit into the genre you have written it in. It’s might not be ground breaking or anything but its good enough. At least to get your foot in the door of authorship. Yet…

The one thing that spending all this time away from it has done, is that i know the style i want it to be in. And i now know that i need to simplify it.

That said, its still over five-hundred pages and one-hundred thousand words to wade through.

“Just shut the fuck up and DO IT!”

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