It’s The Beards Day Off.

I’m also not putting a picture on this blog. Why?

I don’t know, it’s not hard to add one, i just don’t wonna.

I have to go to my security companies head office on Monday, incidentally my day off, to show them my old security license, and my renewed one. I asked if it would be easier to just scan them both and send them an email with the images attached. They said no, they need to see them, physically. So now i have to waste time on Monday so they can see and photocopy, in black and white, my two licenses. Wonderful.

I sent a message saying that i can be there any time after 12pm.

They asked if i could be there at 11:30am.

Really… is that because they only have a slot at 11:30, or is it a kinda of power play, trying to get me to do what they want rather then let me control the time..?

I sent a message back saying, i can do any time after 12pm. I have other commitments before that.

She replied with, 12pm, i’m fine with that…

So what was wrong with it two messages ago? You couldn’t do it then.

This is why i feel like it was a power play to be me to do what they/she wanted, rather then what i wanted.

Awhile ago i decided that i wasn’t going to play their games. I’d do things my way. I’ve given in to them before, i gave an inch, they took a mile. And then they just keep on taking, well, i put the breaks on and said No! From now on, you do it my way. Of course i didn’t say this to them, why would i show my hand? If you have a game plan, keep it to yourself (They don’t know about this blog. And if you’re thinking “well maybe they are just not telling you they know”, trust me, they don’t. If they did, i’d be sacked. Trust me).

They seem to think, or at least it feels this way, like we MUST! do as they say, because they are managers. It seems everyone at the head office i talk to, is a manager. And that if you disagree then you ain’t no team player. Why must you course problems?

Because i can.

If i were a shit guard, you’d just put me someplace to keep me out of the way. But i ain’t, by their own admission;

  1. I am an outstanding officer.
  2. They wish they had more guards like me.
  3. I know more about the brand and the site then they thought i would.

So i put myself in a good position, to fight back when the fancy took me. Like when i think they are taking the piss.

My beard, security guard shouldn’t grow their beards. If you have one, that’s okay, but they’d rather you were clean shaven. I grew my beard. I love my beard. And i ain’t shaving my beard. It’s kinda like a symbol of my resistance to their bullshit. And on Monday, it’s the beards day off. So no trimming, no combing. It’ll be out in full-grungy-force.

I’ll also mention that i thought about not renewing my license, that i was told it could take five weeks, and that i renewed it with only four week left. (I took five days).

Yep. I’m that fucking good. *cheesy grin*.

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