Tempers Flair.

14 - 1Today was an instufferably slow day. Boring to the point of torture. But sometimes, i like that, i get to day dream all day, and as a writer, that’s a good thing.

I arrive home with no drama to find a letter from Moorgate Loan Servicing (wankers).

The letter;

Current Balance: £2000 – (It’s an old balance, it’s now £1,750).

“We have not received the required payment on your account.

Your account will not be transferred to our appointed agent, Arden Credit Management, who will contact you to discuss repayment of the outstanding balance.

To make an immediate payment towards your account, please call Arden Credit Management today on 0800 — —. Alternatively, please use the details below to make a payment via your bank.”

Like i said, Wankers.

I received a letter from them yesterday, which had a breakdown of the payments i’d made throughout 2013, £250 a month = £3000 paid in the last year. Three fucking grand, and now they are giving me shit over this… 3K in a year, with £1,750 left to pay, to be completed in 7 months. August. And now i get this SHIT!

Please bare in mind i was never given a completion date on this. I wasn’t told that i had to pay it all off by the end on 2013. In fact, this company has had my credit card debt for 2 years, and today i received the fourth letter they’ve ever sent me. The first was to say “We have your debt“. The second was a payment breakdown of 2012. The third was a payment breakdown of 2013. And now this crap.

Seven more fucking payments and they can kiss my fucking, hairy, arse.

They wonna go to court. I’m cool with that. ‘Cause i’ll still be paying £250 a month until the dept is done.

But hey, they want me to call them, well, maybe i will, maybe i won’t. But i’m still just gonna pay £250 a month, for the next seven months. Until the debt is paid.

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that when i came up to my room, my key wouldn’t work, and i couldn’t get into my room. So i kicked the door in.

Now i have a busted door.

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