Things Are Moving Forward.

The ball is rolling.

Polly Vinyl

ThumbNailSo i had a chat with the advisor from the grant company earlier, it went better then expected if i’m honest. What i was expecting was a ton of questions about whether or not i could in fact run a small business. So that is what i tried to prepare for. Just before i called i wrote down what sales figures i could, basic but they should have been fine for a simple chat if asked. I wasn’t.

If fact the guy just said, you are entitled to ten thousand pounds of the grant money.

Yep, i have 10 grand sitting there waiting for me.

But, and yes there is a but. I’m not sure if 10 grand is enough. But then i might be wrong. Though i suspect i’ll need to get a small business loan from my bank. But only a small one.

The arrangements for the grant……

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