Been busy..

20140113-194933.jpgIgnoring people. I like my solitude. Sometimes i thrive on it. That’s not to say that i don’t like being around people. But people i choose to be around. I work around people, staff and costumers. I travel to and from work with people. These are an example of people i don’t have a choice to but to be around. Which might be why i hate them all. They all have their own lives, their own ways of doing things, their own places to be. This usually gets in my way, which is why i hate them. They get in my way. If i’m with a bunch of people, and we’re all doing the same thing, whether it be drinking, or listening to music or watch the Grand Prix, it’s cool, we’re all doing the same thing. No one is getting in my way and my relaxed. Change that paradigm, and i want to kill you.

It’s Wednesday the 16th. Until just now i didn’t even know what day t was, i’m currently in my second week of annual leave. I took it off to decorate my room. I like how it turned out. It only took me four days. Now i’m bored. So i’m reading and listening to music. Right now that would be my metal playlist on iTunes.

 I started to read George V. Higgins’ novel ‘Cogan’s Trade’, but after 25 pages of pointless dialogue i couldn’t read anymore. Yes, 25 pages of dialogue. Not that thee is anything wrong with that, it’s just that i found it trite. SO i picked up Charles Bukowski’s “Factotum’ which i have to say, is better suited to my needs. And oddly something i can relate to. Every time i read Bukowski i find i relate to the guy. The word Factotum is giving meaning in the introduction, Neeil Cherkovski writes, ‘HIs sights at this point in his life are set no higher than that serving as a “Factotum” – a guy who does any job that comes along‘. Of course Cherkovski is talking about the character and not Bukowski himself. The book is set during the early 1940’s, so walking in and out of jobs was a lot easier then it is today. For one there were more jobs. Second, more jobs that required no training. Now, if you look through job site almost every job available requires at least two years experience at something or this and that qualification. A piece of paper that says, “Yes, i sat in a class room for a few months and listened to a guy talk about something that, now, i can’t quiet remember“. Now-a-days we find that we are stuck in whatever job we can find, lucky to have one, whether you like/enjoy that job is completely irrelevant. You’re not supposed to like it, you’re just required to do it, without complaint. At a ridiculous fee. Why, because you’re a dime a dozen, and if you don’t like your meagre earnings, more often then not you’ll be told one if not all of the following;

1, “There is no more money”. Yet those in the head office seem to be earning twice what you are.

2, In no uncertain terms you’ll be told, “If you don’t like it, fuck off.”

3, “We’ll try to put you somewhere that pays better”. 2 years later, you’re still waiting.

Even if you’re earning the same wage you were two years ago. While inflation ups up, your wage stays static. Effectively, you’re getting poorer, while the company gets richer. To many people, not enough jobs, leads to exploitation of employees who just want to work, without the need to work in order to keep working.

There has to be a word for it. A passage in the Oxford English Dictionary that can distill this down to a single solitary word. It’s not slavery because we signed a contract, we earn money. Well, just enough to make sure we stay where we are…………


This blog suddenly became angry.

Towards my company.

Best end it here then.

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