Hard Worker, Fast Learner.

But then that doesn’t mean anything these days does it?

Employers want someone with experience so they don’t have to train anyone. Meaning someone like me, whose only experience is in an industry that I hate, I’m good at it, but I hate it, can’t get another job doing something that I might actually like doing. Maybe even enjoy. Like working in a record store or a bike shop or a book shop, things I like. But of course due to non-experience no one will hire me.

Okay, sure I’ve never worked in a shop before, not as staff anyway, but how hard can it be. Give me the on the job training and I won’t disappoint. Hell, I can even keep the website/social networks updated.

I’m kinda desperate for a job that isn’t security. If I’m still doing security when I’m forty, I’ll just end it all and be done with it.

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