Incoherent Meandering.

20140113-194933.jpgThe Rolling Stones ‘Let It Bleed’ is spinning on the Steepletone.

So, it’s bank holiday Monday. I needed to take my other work suit to the dry cleaners today. Guess i ain’t doing that. I hate bank holidays. Only because i don’t work on Mondays anyway, so it’s no real thing for me, all it does is get in the way of me wanting to do things. Guess i’ll have to task one of the nephews to do it tomorrow.

It’s a nice day though, i might grab a book, probable the newest one, ‘The Psychopath Inside’ by James Fallon. No it’s not a crime novel, it’s a book about psychopaths, and why they are the way they are. Psychopaths has become an interest of mine lately, not sure why, they just have. I’ve been re-watching ‘Criminal Minds’ on both Netflix and Sky On Demand. Actually, psychology has become a bit of an obsession too i guess. Not just books and vinyl records.

Yesterday i played a bunch of records;

  1. Ill Communication – Beastie Boys (Didn’t realise it was the anniversary of MCA’s death).
  2. Indie Cindy – Pixies.
  3. Foo Fighters – Foo Fighters.
  4. Neil Young – Harvest.
  5. Houses of the Holy – Led Zeppelin.
  6. In Through the Out Door – Led Zeppelin.
  7. Psychical Graffiti – Led Zeppelin.
  8. Bleach – Nirvana.
  9. Nevermind – Nirvana.
  10. In Utero – Nirvana.
  11. Brothers – The Black Keys.

This pretty much took my whole day, but i ain’t complaining, great music is never a chore, it’s a privilege.

Every Monday, and today is no exception, i look for another job…

The Who’s ‘Who’s Next’ is now spinning on the Steepletone.

 …Something not in the city. Something closer to home, someplace i can walk to, someplace i might actually enjoy. I hate hating work. We all gotta do it right? Might as well enjoy it, because i can’t think of anything worse then hating my job for the rest of my life. Hating your job will lead to hating your life. We shouldn’t live for the weekend, we should try to enjoy the time in-between, and that means work. But ‘Work’ is all to corporate these days. In manager speak that means if you are enjoying yourself, you’re not working. You’re fucking around. These days even talking is considered fucking around in some places.

I have this thing. This thing where i seem to alway fight against the grain when it comes to my managers. Where i work, none of my managers are there, they all sit at there desks in the head office. The corporate HQ. Earning far more then the guards they watch over. On Friday i got a phone call at 7am to make sure i could get to work alright for 9am. I asked if they could just call me at 6:20am, i called it a wake up call, he wasn’t impressed, i could tell by the speed of this tone and how quickly he hung up the phone. I’m to believe that my company are calling each and every security guard on their payroll 2 hours before their shifts begin to make sure they are on their way. Feels like hand holding to me…

Have you noticed yet, that i seem to go on a anti-work tangent in almost every blog?

Sorry about that, but when i start talking about work i get pissed off and just start a rant.

I look for jobs in record shops, book shops, bike shops, anything that will allow me to work in an area that i can enjoy. But every time i get the same response to job applications;

“Sorry, but we will not be taking your application any further as they are other applicants that have more experience”.

Story of my life.

I look and i look, but all i get is some variation of that message. The same kind rejection that basically says ‘You AIn’t good enough‘. Thanks. All i want to do is better my circumstances, maybe earn a little more then i am right now. Which shouldn’t be to hard, i earn £7.50 an hour. My P60 showed my earnings last year as 17k. I’m thirty-fucking-six, i shouldn’t be earning so little.

But that’s because my company under cut all other security companies to get the contract, meaning that charge less, meaning the guards get paid less. They don’t even increase wages in accordance with inflation. I’m still earning the exact same pay rate as i was when i started, in January of 2012. I NEED TO GET OUT OF THERE!


I don’t want much, not really. To have a job i enjoy. To buy books and vinyl records. To not struggle with bills (One more payment on my credit card), to have my own place.

But then maybe i’m not supposed to have what i want. Maybe that’s to selfish of me.


2 Comments on “Incoherent Meandering.

  1. I like your taste in music…… working: I find that many people in most professions are having a problem with the workplace. There are too many rules and regulations that are put in place to take the joy and effectiveness out of things for the employee. Even working on your own can be demoralizing at times.

    You have a good blog. Have you thought about monetizing it?


    • Yeah, modern working conditions are shit.

      I did think about monitoring the blog, but I don’t want advertising here. And besides, the traffic isn’t really high enough to get any real money.


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