They Are Complete.

SInce i started collecting VInyl records i’ve wanted all the Led Zeppelin studio albums.

  1. Led Zeppelin.
  2. Led Zeppelin II.
  3. Led Zeppelin III.
  4. ‘Untitled’.
  5. Houses of the Holy.
  6. Psychical Graffiti.
  7. Presence.
  8. In Through the Out Door.
  9. CODA.

And as of yesterday, i now have them all. 3 – 9 are original pressings for the year of release. 1 and 2 are 2005 Brazilian pressings. Which will soon be rectified. I want all original.

Having said that, i will be buying the new 2014 reissues that Jimmy Page has spent sometime remastering from the original analog tapes.

The Nine Studio Albums.

Led Fucking ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!!!!

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