The Yardbirds: Featuring Eric Clapton – [Record 77]

The Yardbirds: Featuring Eric Clapton.

I couldn’t find anything specific about this record from either Yardbird/Eric Clapton searches, or even from the record company that released it (Charly Records) except that it was released in 1983 from sessions recorded while Eric Clapton played with the Yardbirds (Five LIve Yardbirds).

If i discover more i’m update this page.

Side One.
1, For Your Love.
2, I’m A Man.
3, I Wish You Would.
4, Good Morning Little School Girl.
5, A Certain Girl.
6, Got To Hurry.

Side Two.
7, Introduction By Hamish Grimes.
8, Too Much Monkey Business.
9, Got Love If You Want It.
10, Smokestack Lightening.
11, I’m A Man.
12, Here ‘Tis.


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