New Record Player and my 100th LP.

Last week i bought a new record player. My old, crappy one, was a Steepletone. A wooden box with a cheap ass turn table, a cheap amp, small speakers, and a stylus that was eating away at my records. Now, i have a Pro-ject Essential II record player, with a proper stylus/cartridge. It’s plumbed in to my 15 year old Denon AVR-2800 Receiver, with has been used as a home cinema 5.1 (Dolby/DTS) system. I have 5 Boston speakers for the surround and a Subwoofer from Definitive. The Result, it sounds FUCKING AWESOME! The record that used to jump and skip because the Steepletone was so shit, don’t with this. I can enjoy all my records with skip free abandon. Of course i am now going through all my records again. Which brings me to this. Last week i bough my 100th LP. I started collecting on November 6th, 2013. My first record, Led Zeppelin IV, a 2005 Brazilian pressing on green vinyl. My 100th, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Green River.

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