The Jesus and Mary Chain: Darklands – [Record 102]

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Darklands.

Darklands is the second album by Scottish alternative rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain. Unlike their previous album, drum machines were used in place of drummer Bobby Gillespie, who had left to pursue a successful career as the frontman with Primal Scream. The album marks a turning point in the band’s music, going from the savage noise-pop of Psychocandy, to a more melodic indie/alternative sound.

Gillespie and Primal Scream later recorded a cover of the album’s title track.

Lead vocals are by Jim Reid, with the exception of “Darklands,” “Nine Million Rainy Days” and “On the Wall,” sung by William Reid.

Side One.
1, Darklands.
2, Deep One Perfect Morning.
3, Happy When It Rains.
4, Down on Me.
5, Nine Million Rainy Days.

Side Two.
6, April Skies.
7, Fall.
8, Cherry Came Too.
9, On the Wall.
10, About You.

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